Journal Papers

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"Negative Emotional Content Disrupts the Coherence of Episodic Memories"
Bisby JA, Horner AJ, Bush D, Burgess N (2018)
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 147: p243-256 [link] [pdf]

"The Role of Hippocampal Replay in Memory and Planning"
Olafsdottir HF, Bush D, Barry C (2018)
Current Biology 28: pR37-R50 [link] [pdf]

"Human Hippocampal Theta Power Indicates Movement Onset and Distance Travelled"
Bush D*, Bisby JA*, Bird CM*, Gollwitzer S, Rodionov R, Diehl B, McEvoy AW,
Walker MC, Burgess N (2017)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114: p12297-12302 [link] [pdf]

"Medial Prefrontal - Medial Temporal Theta Phase Coupling in Dynamic Spatial Imagery"
Kaplan R*, Bush D*, Bisby JA, Horner AJ, Meyer S, Burgess N (2017)
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 29: p507-519 [link] [pdf]

"How Environment and Self-motion Combine in Neural Representations of Space"
Evans T*, Bicanski A*, Bush D, Burgess N (2016)
Journal of Physiology 594: p6535-6546 [link] [pdf]

"Grid-like Processing of Imagined Navigation"
Horner AJ, Bisby JA, Zotow E, Bush D, Burgess N (2016)
Current Biology 26: p842-847 [link] [pdf]

"Using Grid Cells for Navigation"
Bush D*, Barry C*, Manson D, Burgess N (2015)
Neuron 87: p507-520 [link] [pdf] [code]

"Evidence for Holistic Episodic Recollection via Hippocampal Pattern Completion"
Horner AJ, Bisby JA, Bush D, Lin W-J, Burgess N (2015)
Nature Communications 6: 7462 [link] [pdf]

"Medial Prefrontal Theta Phase Coupling during Spatial Memory Retrieval"
Kaplan R*, Bush D*, Bonnefond M, Bandettini PA, Barnes GR, Doeller CF, Burgess N (2014)
Hippocampus 24: p656-665 [link] [pdf]

"A Hybrid Oscillatory Interference / Continuous Attractor Network Model of
Grid Cell Firing"

Bush D, Burgess N (2014)
Journal of Neuroscience 34: p5065-5079 [link] [pdf] [code]

"What do Grid Cells Contribute to Place Cell Firing?"
Bush D, Barry C, Burgess N (2014)
Trends in Neuroscience 37: p136-145 [link] [pdf]

"Optimal Configurations of Spatial Scale for Grid Cell Firing Under
Noise and Uncertainty"

Towse BW, Barry C, Bush D, Burgess N (2014)
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 369: 20130290 [link] [pdf]

"Calcium Control of Triphasic Hippocampal STDP"
Bush D, Jin Y (2012)
Journal of Computational Neuroscience 33: p495-514 [link] [pdf]

"From A to Z: A Potential Role for Grid Cells in Spatial Navigation"
Barry C, Bush D (2012)
Neural Systems and Circuits 2: 6 [link] [pdf]

"Models of Grid Cells and Theta Oscillations"
Barry C, Bush D, O’Keefe J, Burgess N (2012)
Nature 488: E1 [link] [pdf] [reply]

"Recruitment of Resting Vesicles into Recycling Pools Supports NMDAr-dependent
Synaptic Potentiation in Cultured Hippocampal Neurons"

Ratnayaka A, Marra V, Bush D, Burden JJ, Branco T, Staras K (2012)
Journal of Physiology 590: p15851597 [link] [pdf]

"STDP and the Cognitive Map"
Bush D, Philippides A, Husbands P, O’Shea M (2010)
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 4: 142 [link] [pdf] [commentary]

"Dual Coding with STDP in an Auto-associative Network Model of the Hippocampus"
Bush D, Philippides A, Husbands P, O’Shea M (2010)
PLoS Computational Biology 6(7): e1000839 [link] [pdf]

"Reconciling the STDP and BCM Models of Synaptic Plasticity in a Spiking Recurrent
Neural Network"

Bush D, Philippides A, Husbands P, O’Shea M (2010)
Neural Computation 22: p2059-2085 [link] [pdf]


Selected Conference Papers

"Oscillatory Dynamics in an Attractor Neural Network with Firing Rate Adaptation"
Rathore S, Bush D, Latham P, Burgess N
Proceedings of the 12th Granada Seminar on Computational and Statistical Physics
AIP Conference Proceedings 1519: p219-223 (2013) [link] [pdf]

"STDP and Auto-associative Network Function"
Bush D, Philippides A, Husbands P, O’Shea M
Connectionist Models of Behavior and Cognition II
J. Mayor, N. Ruh and K. Plunkett (eds), World Scientific, p53-65 (2009)

"Theta Phase Coding and Acetylcholine Modulation in a Spiking Neural Network"
Bush D, Philippides A, Husbands P, O’Shea M
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behaviour
M. Asada et al. (eds), Springer Verlag, p159-168 (2008) [link]

"Investigating LTP and STDP in a Spiking Neural Network"
Bush D, Philippides A, Husbands P, O’Shea M
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behaviour
S. Nolfi et al. (eds), Springer Verlag, p323-334 (2006) [link]
Awarded prize for best poster presentation of the conference


F1000 Commentaries

"Low-frequency Theta Oscillations in the Human Hippocampus during Real-world
and Virtual Navigation"

F1000 Commentary on Bohbot et al. (2017) [link] [original paper]

"A Shared Neural Ensemble Links Distinct Contextual Memories Encoded Close in Time"
F1000 Commentary on Cai et al. (2016) [link] [original paper]

"Patterns across Multiple Memories are Identified Over Time"
F1000 Commentary on Richards et al. (2014) [link] [original paper]

"Speed Modulation of Hippocampal Theta Frequency Correlates with Spatial
Memory Performance"

F1000 Commentary on Richard et al. (2014) [link] [original paper]

"Impaired Hippocampal Ripple-associated Replay in a Mouse Model of Schizophrenia"
F1000 Commentary on Suh et al. (2013) [link] [original paper]

"Dissociation between Dorsal and Ventral Hippocampal Theta Oscillations
during Decision-Making"

F1000 Commentary on Schmidt et al. (2013) [link] [original paper]

"Distinct Roles of Medial and Lateral Entorhinal Cortex in Spatial Cognition"
F1000 Commentary on Van Cauter et al. (2012) [link] [original paper]


Selected Conference Presentations

"Frontal Midline Theta Co-ordinates Spatial Memory Retrieval"
Talk and Poster at MEG UK 2013, Cambridge [slides] [poster]

"Hippocampal Theta During Memory Guided Virtual Navigation in Human
Intracranial EEG"

Poster at Society for Neuroscience 2012, New Orleans [abstract] [poster]

"Recruitment of Resting Vesicles into Functionally Recycling Pools as a
Mechanism of Synaptic Potentiation at Hippocampal Synapses"

Poster at Society for Neuroscience 2011, Washington DC [abstract]

"A Unified Computational Model of the Genetic Regulatory Networks
Underlying Synaptic, Intrinsic and Homeostatic Plasticity"

Talk at the Wiring the Brain 2011, Enniskerry

"Properties of Fusion-competent Mobile Synaptic Vesicles in Hippocampal Neurons"
Poster at Society for Neuroscience 2010, San Diego [abstract]

"Neuronal Copying of Spike Pattern Generators"
Poster at Bernstein Computational Neuroscience Conference 2009, Frankfurt [poster]

"Transfer of Spike Timing Patterns by Theta Phase Synchrony"
Talk at European Conference on Artificial Life 2009, Budapest [abstract]

"Dual Coding in an Auto-associative Network Model of the Hippocampus"
Talk at Computational Neuroscience 2009, Berlin [link]


Thesis Literature Review

"STDP, Rate-coded Hebbian Learning, and Auto-associative Network Models
of the Hippocampus"

University of Sussex (2008) [pdf]